Our aim is to adapt to the client. Logicar Rent Flexible Hire offers you benefits and promotions for enterprises, entrepreneurs and freelancers hiring for medium and large term rentals. You can rent you car without obligation on your part, no term commitments. The renovation will be monthly, with a fix price every month. You will be able to obtain discounts for second rents. This way always you will be able to forget revisions, breakdowns, changes of oil, tires, payment of insurance…

We can offer you a wide possibility of small-medium-big cars, vans, industrial vans. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question that you have. You will possess at all time the professional and personalized service of one of our agents to help you to finding the best option that adapts to you. Also, you can contact with us writing an e-mail to: info@logicarrent.com

opciones flexibles de alquiler